The Ultimate Purpose of creating a Website

By | March 27, 2016

The ultimate purpose of creating a website


The purpose of creating a Website

The Purpose of Creating a Website

The website is created as a mean to communicate, drawing people, who share a common interest, together. Today, most people are Online with the Computer, Laptop or Mobile device, seeking for information on Services, Products, and Entertainments.

The ultimate purpose of creating a website is to allow customers looking for products that they wanted to buy. It is also an information platform for visitors seeking for a solution to a particular problem, hence facilitation.

Thus, it is becoming the source of income for most Internet Marketers choosing to work from home. And of course, there are people on the Internet searching for entertainments such as game, video clips and Social media.

 Most common type of Websites are

  1. E-commerce Website

    creating a website

    The purpose of creating a Website

  2. Affiliate Programs Site
  3. Membership and Training Site
  4. Advertisement and Adsense
  5. Reviews and Recommendations
  6. Blog and Guest Posts
  7. Services and others


Anyone can simply learn to create a website with a unique niche. Maintaining a website is not expensive, as it can run 24/7.  By giving valuable content to service their audiences and in the process monetizing it. However, it may take some times to build people’s trust before they decide to buy your products or services.

Creating a website the right way will save you precious time ( as it is fully automated), gradually increasing the customer base and gaining reputation.

So how do you create a Website?

  1. First, you need to pick up the right niche that is in demand but not too competitive in the market. It is always better to choose something that you are expertise and passionate. Research the niche well to write on the product.
  2. You may look up at the related Top Authority Sites to see what they wrote and styled. Do Not Reinvent The Wheel. Always write on the perception of its value.
  3. Look for the Theme that you like.  The colors and graphic play a part as the framework in attracting people to your site. However, keep the site simple and clean as it is the quality content that is most important.
  4. Build the Website with quality blogs that target that specific niche market. Feeding in content regularly on the website, perhaps two to three blogs a week. You will see visitors responding by visiting your site more often when they see value in what you are offering.
  5. We know from the statistic that more than 90% of the visitors to your website for the first time will not buy anything from you. “The Money Is In The List” So built your customer name list from Call To Action with its opt-in form for the Email name list.
  6. All websites should offer Customer feedbacks and comments, FAQs, forums, email support. Because at the end of the day, it is the efficiency of servicing and communicating the needs and wants of the customers that are most important.

The E-commerce Website

This site requires a large scale of latest Online technique in making sure of a smooth and easy delivery of goods purchased by customers. It produces a direct revenue and significant profits to the Online entrepreneurs investing in this type of Website. There are issues such as

carrying stocks that involve storage area, customer supports, shipping and paper workloads. Examples of such sites are Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Ikea.

The Lead-Generation Site

This site is used for List Building, E-mail direct marketing and generating sales through personal referrals. It can be a product, program or services of the business. It may need some investments with trackable sales leads.


Choosing a NicheThe Entertainment Site

Entertainment Websites are popular in Today’s Business World. People are looking for some fun to overcome their boredom or relief from the work stress. The Online Game Industry is a huge and tremendous market today.

As the viewers have shifted from the Television to the Internet to watch their favorite programs, many major networks also started their Aired Shows on the Internet.

Main Categories are: Movie, Sport, Fashion, Music, Game, Dance, and Art, etc. And further breaking into many smaller groups of sub-categories.

Whether it is a Celebrity News and Gossip in the Glamorous World or the Hottest Fashion shows of the year, they are all created on the Websites to capture a huge follower of Audience.






Membership Site

This kind of site provides a regular monthly recurring income with a group of loyal customers. However, content has to be powerful and exclusive, bringing in members within  the group to interact with each other.

Generally, the site provides training, webinars, and seminars by guest speakers. There are also other special events and updating latest information from time to time.

Other projects are Q&A, member forums


Blogging Site 

Today, anyone can simply start a free Website and start blogging. Things have changed as more people move to Live Chats, Video recording, Webinar and other kinds of new approaches rather than writing. However, Good blogging content still plays a part in Google ranking if you are attracting readers to your website.

So if you are looking for a free blog site using the third-party services and free hosting here is a platform to get your site set up fast and easy.


The PREMIUM require A Domain name ( from NameCheap or Godaddy )  and the free Hosting service from Wealthy Affiliate.


 Affiliates Site

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to make money on the Website. With the content consistently delivering to the site, visitors will gradually increase as they return to the site for more information. Once the trust is built up, it will be much easier for them to click on the affiliate link and buy the product recommended by you. 

Bringing in Traffic is important, so the main focus will be on the content rather than the specific products.

There are some areas of compliance for affiliate program though e.g by providing the full disclosure to let the visitors know that you do receive a commission should they purchase any products from your affiliate links.

 Affiliate site rarely make money at the start, but only after a long sustainable strategy being put in.  A lot of quality content feeding into the website, optimizing with software on Keywords ranking in Google. Competing with the bigger players in the market on top page ranking in order to get in traffic.

Therefore, you must position yourself well, getting good products that are sellable, then the success rate is pretty high.




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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Purpose of creating a Website

  1. Tony Omary

    Hey Sadie,

    I see that you are giving clear directions on the type of websites that we are expecting.

    While starting out, we only know that we want to make money but don’t know exactly how.

    This guide clearly shows the various types of websites that we should start with.

    On my opinion, for one to advance, we will need to make a membership site since they are the
    most profitable and can act as a recurring income on the Online business.

    Cheers – Tony

    1. Sadie Post author

      Hello Tony,
      Thanks for visiting my Website and giving comment. It is true that a membership site can help to bring in revenue income for me.

      I hope to create more resources of Information Products within the site and be able to share its values to readers first before making this approach.

      Thank you for your suggestion.

      Regards Sadie.

  2. Kit

    Wow, how I love this article!

    You made it so easy to start creating a website now.
    I think a lot of people will understand more about website building.

    Great job Sadie!

    Best regards,

    1. Sadie Post author

      Thanks, Kit

      Glad that you love the article. Yes, we have to try and make the building process of a Website easy and simple.
      I am so grateful to Wealthy Affiliate and the wonderful members within WA for helping me so.

      Regards, Sadie

  3. Eric Estrella

    Hi Sadie,

    Great post..You really emphasize all the right aspect to start an Online business. This article is a great help for the beginners like me who would like to make a career in online marketing business.

    Thank you, Sadie, for sharing this post!


    1. Sadie Post author

      Dear Eric,
      Thanks for visiting my Website and commenting. I started as I beginner and understand the problems as I learn this Online business.
      I am happy that this can help you too.
      Regards Sadie.


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