Steps to Effective Writing For Your Website

By | March 9, 2016

The Steps to Effective Writing For your website are as follow:


Effective Writing

Effective Writing

a) Pick up the Skill of writing

Every individual has the ability to learn anythings that they like in his lifetime. He can then master some forms of skill, should it be writing, music, dancing or craft making. Perfecting that skill is meant for personal growth and can also lead to a career path. Many people, however, spent most of their time learning from books and videos, listening to webinars and talks without implementing their skills. These, unfortunately, sheath and underutilizing their potential abilities.

Effective writing is a skill, essential to the running of your business on your Website. You need to provide the quality information of your niche to the readers. To be an expert in the field, you need to master the knowledge and deliver them. Great content with the right keywords will lead to high ranking in the Organic Google SEO.  Only then can you see an increase in traffic flow to your site, resulting in the conversion of sales.


b) Write regularly

write regularly

Write regularly

Set a goal to write regularly every day. Initially, starting with a shorter page and gradually, increasing the page to 1000 or 2000 words article. It could be a topic of your interest or something related to your niche. Never post your first article on the website, always rewrite it again to improve the quality till you make them flow with the rhythm of words. You need to hold the readers’ attention and stay on your site. Good content will get readers coming back for more.

Most people created the Website, wrote some posts and waited there without doing anything. Planning is necessary if you want to write effectively and habitually for the rest of your life. Continue to feed in top content for your Website, perhaps two to three blogs a week. You will see people responding and start visiting your site to read the content.


c) Balance and Explore Learning Skill

Exploring Authority and Successful Commercial Sites to see how experts wrote. You must be a vivid reader to write fluently. There are so many areas to explore in what people are writing in the Review, Comments and Forum. Examples of places you can explore are Yahoo Answer, Google Groups, Facebook Groups and  Quora. Besides writing could be very challenging if you encountered something you are not familiar. Give yourself a timeframe to practise on effective writing. It could take a few years of hard work before one could write at a consistently high level.

How do you know if your content is good?

The answer is easy. It is the response of the public to your website. Good and rich content tends to draw the crowd and by using Google Analytic, will able you to see traffic to your blog. You will also know from the positive feedbacks though there may be some negative one. But is is normal as each person has his opinion and you can learn from the comments that you received.


Stay focus

Stay Focus

d) Stay Focus

The distractions from a home business are something of a concern and unavoidable. It may be a child who needs attention, phone interruptions, emails and house chores. Regardless of these, we have to treat our work seriously as a business if you want to make money. Effective writing requires mind searching and a proper working environment.


Content writing requires mind searching and a proper working environment. Therefore, allocate and schedule your time deliberately, making sure you allow some private time to work on, without distractions. This way, you will be able to write under stressless condition. Handphone has to be switch off during writing. The mind can train itself to become tune to the routine job.


e) Be persistence

Be persistence

Be Persistence

Persistence is the key to every success. This rule applies to effective writing as well. It is the ability to hold on, regardless of any obstacles along the way. Of course, there are also many other factors, contributing to the success of your business. Most people can write simple articles on their websites. However, in this competitive market, only the outstanding ones would appeal to the mass audience.

Many professional writers would tell you how they received hundreds of rejection letters from magazines and publishers before finally got to publish and popularize. There are no short cuts or gimmicks, but days of nail-biting, hair-pulling and even crying moments in deepening thought of making the story perfect.

Once the readers love your content, you will begin to build a brand name in the market and Business will flow in. That’s where the magic start.


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4 thoughts on “Steps to Effective Writing For Your Website

  1. Eric Estrella

    Hi Sadie Chan,
    I enjoyed reading your article on the topic “Correct Steps to Effective Writing for Your Website.”

    Being a Newcomer, I learned a lot from it. You explained them very well in every step of the topic on Effective Writing.

    Now I will be able to apply to my writing skill with everything that I’ve learned here.

    Thank you so much, Sadie.

    Cheers, Eric

    1. Sadie Post author

      Dear Eric,
      Glad that you learned something from this post and be happy to help should you need any.
      Regards, Sadie

  2. Summerly

    Hi Sadie,

    This was a great article! I guess many people don’t know how important content is for SEO. They expected visitors to come naturally to their sites once they create one.

    I, for one, knew little how important it was till I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Through the training within Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve learnt ao much!

    It’s correct that you mentioned staying focused and try not to be distracted. Also by scheduling your time effectively, that’s something for me to bear in mind.

    I get easily distracted and that that ruins my post, I forget what I wanted to write about and end up with a post that could have been much better.

    Thanks for the tips!


    1. Sadie Post author

      Hi Summerly,
      Thanks for visiting my site again and made comment.
      Yes, I do easily get distracted also. And that can affect my work.
      I try to write content during the quiet moment of the day when they are less noise and everyone’s sleeping.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a great learning platform and glad that you are enjoying your learning there.
      All the best,


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