Best Traffic Generating Methods To Boost The WebsiteTraffic

By | April 6, 2016


Best Traffic Generating Methods

Best Traffic Generating Methods

The Best Traffic Generating Methods


Just as we Human Being need oxygen to survive, similarly, our website needs its special kind of oxygen to survive. That oxygen is the traffic; it is the main component of the business. Without it, we cannot generate conversions (sale). This is why we need to find the best traffic generating methods in order to boost our Website traffic.

Before we proceed, a series of thoughts and questions that surround our mind.

  • How do I build highly targeted traffic to my website?
  • How professional should my website be, to attract potential prospects?
  • Who should preferably create content, should I write it myself or have it outsource?
  • How many times should I need to update my post or blog?
  • How can I optimize my website with competitive research using Keyword?
  • Should I pay for Ads or use the Google Organic SEO for drive traffic to my website?


Here are  some BEST Traffic Generating Methods 

to boost your website’s traffic:-


 1.  Feeding Fresh and Compelling Contents regularly

Many webmasters do not have an understanding of the effectiveness and authority of content publishing. You probably had heard many times “your content material is your king.”

Content Creation

Content Creation

Your Website must constantly be publishing unique posts, keeping them up-to-date. Doing so will be able to bring in double or perhaps triple the volume of web traffic flow to the website.  As opposed to those who placed articles to their web pages and allowed it remains inactive for several months.

To attract traffic, Online content these days should have some of these combinations such as useful and educational or fresh and humorous.

The Content must be so irresistible and persuasive that readers literally come back for more.  Write what you are dominant at.  Effectively, it is better to outsource your content to the professional writer if the subject is too challenging. 

Read Content Creations


   2.   Referral Program

wa_change_life_125x125Encouragingly sign from many affiliate marketers who work tirelessly to bring in traffic for you. They work effortlessly in leveraging towards your business growth. Building up an affiliate marketing program is a paramount component to essentially improve your traffic flow alongside your earnings. It is only fair to share that commissions if there are conversions.


   3.  Profitable Keywords  Are Your Buddies

If you are looking to generate loads of website traffic to your website, then you certainly need to seo-1216173__180realize that Website optimization techniques.  Keywords ought to be an important part of your website content creation plan.

You need to monitor the Google Trends for the potential Keywords used to drive that right group of customers to your Website. Not forgetting other countries specific traffic opportunities since this business is worldwide.

Remember, Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a wonderful choice, especially if it is done correctly. It will help you get the targeted website visitors from popular Internet Search Engine.

However, many stumble on irrelevant information and not using the Keyword Search Tool such as KeySpy, Jaaxy from WA to look up for the right Keywords.

The most reliable of website traffic you can get is 100% free from the Organic Google SEO. Put all your efforts into building Google user-friendly websites. Other search engine listings such as Yahoo and Bing are relevant too, but then the big G should be on top of the listing to anyone.



   4.  Evergreen Articles works the best

Evergreen Article

Evergreen Article

Ideally, make sure that a lot of your written content is an evergreen content. This type of article can last for a long time, and so it’ll never become obsoleted.

Take, for instance, a post relating to the famous Oscar’s nomination may perhaps be captivating for a few weeks, and that’s it. On the contrary, an article relating to the most popular well-known movies will always be valuable over the years– this is an evergreen content material.

On the contrary, an article relating to the most popular well-known movies will always be valuable over the years– this is an evergreen content material.


    5.  Identify Your Flock with Advertisement

When it comes down to advertising and marketing a website, it is necessary that you may be specific relating to the best place where you most commonly spend time. Though it’s great to build an online attendance on a handful of social networks, the probability is, it is not the right targetted type of traffic.

The smartest thing you need to do is to delve and observe which social networks give the best result for your selected niche.

Paid Advertising or Buy Traffic may require a small sum of investment, but if it can bring traffic from the right target customers, then the money is worth investing. Retargeting Ads to Users that are already buyers to come back with others special offer products.

Make sure to run Ads Campaign on the right time to produce the best result for conversions. Always testing with right Keywords and expand the traffic if there is it prove to be profitable from running that particular Ads.


   6.  Using Special Google Analytic Tool

Google Analytics is a Free Web Analytics System that integrates with the Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords. It is to check your traffic sources and help you to know where are the traffic coming from on the Website. Only then can you work to expand that area and bring in more Sale from there.


  7.   Getting A Great Domain name

Good Domain name can help to generate more traffic for your Website. Always choose a short Domain name, avoid Number, hyphens, and mis-spellings.

Preferably, your Domain name should be Memorable and Brandable. It is much easy to built trust and authority using a Great Domain name. You may have to buy from the marketplace like www. or if you can’t get a good Domain Name.


   8.   Good Theme

In case your website is too heavy on the graphics, it is wiser to simplify it. The site should be neat and clean with easy navigation so that people can move around easily to read your content.

Your site should come with video training, opt-in form for email, Q&A, reviews, and comments. Give good details of your About Page to build trust and a  group loyalty fan.

Remember that we want customers to come back again or even spread the words.


   9. Webinar, Youtube and Live Video

These days if you are not using Webinars, Youtube, or Live Video to connect with your audience, you are losing out a substantial share of the traffic. Your Voice plays an important part as a mean of communication in transferring a message to the prospects.

People all over the World are hungry for content in the Webinars, Youtube and Live Video on Facebook, Hangouts, and Snapchat. In fact, there is the Integration of Periscope and Twitter where your audience can view with any of the Channel. Without these form of traffic you are overlooking the best traffic generating methods for your website.






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7 thoughts on “Best Traffic Generating Methods To Boost The WebsiteTraffic

  1. Inger

    Hi Sadie!

    This is just the information I needed to hear today.
    I mean, I knew about most of the points but I am also so greatful for the additional info!
    Especially the info about the Google Analytical Tool.
    Will definitely use that!


  2. Summerly

    Nice site, Sadie

    I’ve learnt a few things here and I like the part about evergreen articles.

    I’ve not really thought about writing content that way, so I’m sure this will help me in the future!

    Thanks :)Summerly

    1. Sadie Post author

      Thanks, Summerly,

      One thing we want is to provide valuable content on our Website that can last longer so that they don’t get obsolete and left sitting there. Besides, we need not have to update those old posts more often than needed.

      Regards, Sadie

  3. Liz

    Hi, Sadie.
    Thanks for this great post. You made me think about a few things differently.

    I think I need to consider making videos as it is a great way to get more traffic.

    I also have to do better with my ads. Do you have any more tips on how I can improve my site with ads?

    Thanks again!

    1. Sadie Post author

      Hello Liz,
      Welcome to my site and I’m glad it helps you in some ways.
      The best way to bring in traffic is still the Organic SEO. However, that may take some time to get ranks in Google.
      You can try the PPC, Social Media Ads, Offline Advertisements which is cheaper or the Google Ads.
      All depending on your budget. I personally prefer the FaceBook Ads which is reasonable and can bring in targeted traffic.
      Hope that help,
      Regards, Sadie

  4. Myuuki

    Hi Sadie,

    Thanks for such an informative article! I’m going to try to follow this list when building my site.
    My friend has been trying to get me to make some videos and I been putting it off.
    I guess reading your post is a kick in the butt that I really need.

    ;p Thanks,

    1. Sadie Post author

      Dear Myuuki,
      Thanks for visiting my site. Glad my article helps you in any way.
      Yes, Video is the latest trend and every site should have some to attract audiences.


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