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 😆 Hello Friends 

About Sadie Chan pageHi, my name is Sadie Chan, now living a full 61 years of age. I have a happy marriage life with a set of grown-up twin now 19 years old and another older girl of 25 years old. I had traveled to many parts of the World and enjoyed learning new and challenging things.

Two years ago, due to some health issues, I had to announce my retirement from Entrepreneur World. I’ve also wanted to be able to spend more time with my family, and never go without some community works and charity.

  😉  Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate   

I am passionate about Arts, Ceramic Making, Photography, and Traveling. And these were my reasons to take the home study course on Online Internet Marketing. 

I want to build up some websites so that I’m able to share my fields of interest to people around the World. This is the power of the Internet today. Besides, it doesn’t cost much to set up one. 

However, it was a milestone and challenge set for me. Being a Newbie in this Online training, it was tough to learn alone. I was struggling trying to figure how things work till I came across this awesome community from Wealthy affiliate. 

Too afraid of the many scams in the Online business world, I decided to start off with the Free Membership of WA. (No Credit Card require) I find the WA Training Modules easy to follow. The Support Team responses fast to my problems. The best part is, it is a Spam-free environment.

I jumped in to sign up the annual subscription for the WA Premier Membership the following month and have never look back since.

 🙄 My Career Journey

I started my working career as a Dental Nurse after I left high school. I worked in a School Dental Clinic treating Primary School children. Coming from a poor family as a young girl, I understood the essential of a good life through hard works. However, I found there were some things lacking in my life, I wasn’t learning anything new and the Job was so monotonous. 

I stayed on for five years before making the decision to come out and learn more about business. So with a small saving and some contributions from my parent, I started a joint-venture business with a group of friends.

  😳 My Entrepreneur Journey

In 1980, I was put to the running the Wedding Gown and Photographic Studio, handling different  Wedding Packages for all wedding couples. There were also the Studio Photography to take the Wedding Photography of Wedding Couples.

The business started well at first, and it was doing good. In those days, Wedding Celebration and Studio Photography Section were taken on the same day, unlike today, which was pre-arranged. As a result, there were massive workloads on Auspicious Days. Then, there’re other days being quiet, leaving the studio being under-utilized. Eventually, there were some conflicts of interest amongst the shareholders and business began to take its toll as rents and salaries ballooned.

After Six years in the business, I decided to sell off my share of the Wedding gown business. With the experience I have from my Wedding Business, I created a Wedding site www.Bridaltip.com only recently.

In 1986, I decided to join eldest my brother to start a  Jewelry manufacturing business in Singapore handling orders from the Middle East Countries. The Company expanded gradually and so set up a factory at Sunde in China to meet the volume of orders.

I was then assigned to manage the factory outlet in China. For more than three decades of working, much of the times were spend in the co-ordination and management of the Company. 

 😆  My Online Journey

Sadie Chan and family

Family Photo

Currently, most people in the world are on the Internet searching Information Online. It is interesting to know how People are ranking themselves with Keywords in Google Search Engine Results page to generate free and targeted traffic to their websites.

Having a Website allows me to write about my experience about life, people I had encountered during my traveling and things that I am passionate. Besides, maintaining a site isn’t expensive these days. Everyone can easily build one and starts running.

However to monetize it, would take some hard works and a little time and money invested in it. And once you master the skill in the operations of the website, the sky is not the limit. You can explore almost anythings you want with your website.

  😀   I am here to here You

So if you are thinking of learning how to create a Website or planning of starting an Online Business, feel free to ask me anything below and I will get back to you soonest possible.

You can also visit my Profile Page at Wealthy Affiliate.

Finally, I would like to wish you all the best in whatever you are doing and make sure to lead a happy life.

Thanking You for your time.

Best Regards,

Sadie Chan


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